Centre Occupancy

Occupancy information is for your safety and convenience and to help you plan your visit. Shopping centre capacity is calculated using physical distancing guidelines and follows the instructions and regulations issued by the Government of Quebec.

Plan your visit

Enjoy a convenient shopping experience by visiting the “ShopNOW” section listing the styles, brands and items from your favorite stores! Find the gifts you’re looking for. Plan your trip. Save some time.

In addition:

  • • View our holiday shopping video presenting all the measures that have been put in place to ensure your safety;
  • • Take note of our maximized hours of operation. Guests are encouraged to shop alone when possible and during off-peak hours;
  • • Register for the virtual line-up of participating retailers.

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How often are you updating this information?

Les Promenades Gatineau management will receive real time live updates on how many guests are in the mall via the traffic counting system.

How will capacity levels be communicated? What happens if the area has reached max capacity or is in the red zone?

Centre capacity will be posted on Les Promenades Gatineau’s website to assist guests plan their visit and determine the best time to shop.

Once capacity reaches the “Yellow” zone, Les Promenades Gatineau will remain diligent in ensuring safety protocols are being followed including physical distancing, proper mask use, and store capacities are set for a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Once capacity reaches the “Red” zone, Security will close all mall entrances and begin limiting entry into the mall on a one-out, one-in basis.

How do stores manage capacity? Are you able to provide capacity for every store?

The maximum capacity of each store will be posted on the store front. Each store will manage their own lines ups.