Guest Experience Kiosk (by the food court)

Gift cards
Wheel chairs
Nursing rooms
Lost & found
Loyal Taxi (819-663-5252)

Curbside pickup

Several curbside pickup areas have been set up in the parking lot to accommodate current needs you may have. Check with your favorite retailers to find out if they offer this service and how to use it.

Les Promenades Gatineau shopping center now offers a text message service for anybody who has questions pertaining to their shopping experience. Whether it is about parking or to find out about the location of a store, a restaurant or a nursing room, our customers can now have an answer at their fingertips. All they have to do is send a text message at 819-303-8995 with their question, and one of our Customer Service representative will answer on the spot. In the near future, this tool will also be available on our website with an live chatting option.

Fast-charge stations
In September 2016, The Electric Circuit and Les Promenades Gatineau have commissioned two fast-charge stations, along with two 240-V stations, to support electric vehicle (EV) car drivers. The two new plug-in stations in the Promenades Gatineau parking lot can be reached through the entrance on Rue Bellehumeur, between Boulevard Maloney Ouest and Chemin de la Savane.

In December 2017, two new fast-charge as well as two 240 volts stations have been added at entrance #5 (future Homesense/Marshalls’ site), which now brings the total number to 8.

Note: The fast-charge stations can charge an all-electric vehicle’s battery 80% in about 20 minutes, while 240-V stations extend the car’s range by another 30 to 75 km while the driver spends an hour or two shopping.

Rates – Effective February 1st 2018
• The rate of the 400-V fast charging station – $10 per hour (billed by the minute)
• The rate for 240-volt charging is either at a flat fee of $2,50, regardless of the length of charge or at an hourly rate of $1

For more information, please visit the Electric Circuit’s website.

Société de Transport de l’Outaouais (STO)
The center is strategically located along the Société de Transport de l’Outaouais (STO) Rapibus, which is a two-way corridor more than 12 km long that is reserved exclusively for buses. It links Labrosse and Alexandre-Taché boulevards and provides service to the downtown areas of the Hull sector and Ottawa along reserved lanes. Ten (10) stations alongside the corridor offer various commodities to the users, who have a direct access to the mall via the Promenades station.

An STO bus terminal is also available in the center’s parking area facing Chemin de la Savane (for regular buses). Users can get to the mall using bus lines #63, #67 and #87. To find out about route schedules, please visit the STO website.