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What to do with an extra hour at Les Promenades Gatineau

Yesss!! Les Promenades Gatineau has decided to extend its business hours on Saturdays, closing at six instead of five. Whether it’s hitting one more shop, taking one last ride on a koala’s back or a going on a late shopping excursion, any excuse to enjoy our new extended hours will do.

We’re sure you’ll agree that with an extra hour, you’ve got all sorts of possibilities!


One more shop? Yes, please

With such a choice of stores, it’s hard to visit them all in one trip. Ladies, you know it — hitting Aldo, Browns, Tristan, San Francisco, Dynamite and Le Château in just one afternoon can be mission impossible. But with an extra hour on Saturday, it’s easy to make like Tom Cruise!


Back home before dinner? No thanks!

Planning a 6:30 dinner with friends or a sweetheart at Shaker or l’Académie? No problem! The days of having to go home when your afternoon of shopping is done are over.


The perfect opportunity for late afternoon drinks 

After a few hours of hitting the stores, everyone deserves a rosé or a Boîte à Gogo* from La Belle et la Bœuf. An extra hour on Saturday afternoon is the perfect opportunity for an impromptu meetup.

*Boîte à Gogo: Absolut vodka, Soho Lychee liqueur, hibiscus syrup and flower, lime juice, ginger ale, dehydrated blueberries. Simply put, heaven for your taste buds!


Read an extra chapter

Not a shopping fan? With our new book exchange zone in Le Lounge, bring your favourite read and enjoy a comfortable space while mom makes some purchases. Here’s a plan: head to David’s Tea and use your hour to read an extra chapter (or two … or three).


Wait out the traffic

No need to remind you that it’s not always easy to drive through Gatineau around 5 p.m. To avoid irritation (or swearing or just losing it) in your car, how’s about waiting out the traffic. Have a special coffee at Second Cup or a decadent fondue at Cacao 70? Why not?


Get more out of your Saturday

When the Weather Network is calling for a sunny Saturday with temperatures that make you want to get out your flowered dress, why spend the afternoon inside? No sirree! With opening hours until six on Saturday, you’ve got a great chance to have a full day, enjoy the afternoon and finish things off nicely with a little shopping jaunt to Les Promenades Gatineau.


An extra hour in our activities space            

Bring on those rainy days! To mark our 40th birthday, we’ve planned a variety of free programming in our new H&M court recreation area. The lineup includes magicians, musicians, up and coming performers and giant versions of Babyfoot, Tic-Tac-Toe and Jenga. May the best shopper win!


So you’re in for Saturdays, right? See you then!


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