Vacation essentials

Three days of great weather are just around the corner … You want to get away … What can be better in the summer than a little impromptu adventure …

Here are five musts for your suitcase to travel light and be ready for anything.

  1. Flat sandals. You want to be able to walk long hours down bustling, colourful streets. Are you really going to struggle with high heels when you can be stylish and comfy? Chic is the word. Go for sandals decked out in imitation crystal, turquoise stone, rainbow straps. And dare to go gladiator — why not! The ones that go up your leg, that you tie below the knee … It’s what’s in for 2015 — but no, they’re not great for tanning…
  2. Printed scarves. Personally, I never leave home without one! I’ve got all kinds! In summer, go for light and sheer. It’ll cover your shoulders when the sun is beating down, wrap your hair when you come out of the pool, act as a collar when you tie it “infinity”-style and give a bit of warmth come evening…
  3. A romper. Smarter than a shorts/T-shirt combination, it can also provide cover over your bathing suit. Dress it up with some jewellery and your flat-but-glam sandals and you’ll be right at home for happy hour! A bit cool on the patio? Well, just slip on your scarf!
  4. Silk camisole. This natural fabric par excellence is worth the investment. It weighs nothing in your suitcase and any wrinkles smooth out super fast! But its real plus is that it breathes. You’re not too hot, not too cold, and you perspire so much less than in a cheap polyester copy …
  5. Jeans (what else!). Match them with your silk camisole and a pendant for a contemporary look that works both daytime and evening. What’s more, white denim is made for summer … This is the time to add it to your wardrobe. But don’t forget fabric quality. Get something thick enough that you’re not showing any VPL or little dimples … Still not convinced? Try it with a brightly coloured and/or printed top. It’s smart, it lifts your mood, and it’s THE way to dress if your hips are broader than your shoulders (like most Québécoises, actually …).

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Marie-Claude Pichette
Stylist and blogger, Les Promenades Gatineau

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