Tips and Tricks for Tidying Up your Closet

Summer’s here and we’ve all just turned that “wool sweaters and hoodies” space into a “colourful T-shirts and summer dresses” space. We might have also noticed that we have too many clothes we don’t need anymore and that our closet could use a good tidying up.

To make more room for new stuff, here are some useful tips to help you better organize your physical space at home.



The basic principle in storage is to keep everything from one category in one place. Whether it’s clothes, jewellery, electronic gadgets or papers, everything has to be in the same location. So how do you do it? For one thing, with baskets. Whether your place has a boho or contemporary look, you’ll find the baskets to really organize your essentials at Simons.


After storage baskets, laundry baskets have got to come next. To better organize your clothes, get some baskets, so you can separate your clean clothes from what’s going in the wash. Since doing the wash or folding your clothes can be a struggle on a bright, sunny afternoon, sort them by basket and put it all away for when you’re ready.


With winter boots, booties, pumps and sandals, it’s easy to get lost in your footwear collection. To avoid finding shoes all over the place, try to maximize your space by carefully storing them. Whether you’re looking for an in-closet shoe rack or an over-the-door shoe rack, head to Hudson’s Bay. You’ll find a whole bunch of ideas to help you better manage your footwear.


If you’re still not convinced, Marie Kondo’s bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, available at Renaud-Bray, presents a sure-fire method for organizing your living space for good. The “KonMari” method is actually a way to transform not only your physical space but your entire life. For everyone else, there’s a whole range of books on efficient storage at Renaud-Bray.

Now that you’ve decluttered your closet, here are some favourite items for summer 2019. Obviously, the goal isn’t for your closet to be taken over again, but to add items that will spark some joy this season.


For work, home or eating out, this polka dot dress with ruffled sleeves from Dynamite will become your go-to.

The perfect accessory to complete your boho look or to add a Caribbean touch to any dress style. Thank you, Forever 21.


After a brief appearance in 2015, mules are back with a vengeance this year. Their block heel and open toe are two good reasons why us ladies can’t let go of them.

If you’re looking to try a more pared down, minimalist lifestyle, remember that it’s important to go at your own pace! Piece by piece, you’ll be able to better organize your closet so that it has some room for your new summer faves.

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