The 10 essential fashion trends for fall

Did I say essential? Maybe that’s a bit strong…

What’s more, we may see the latest trends in the fashion mags or worn by the stars, but we’re not always ready to sign on. That’s normal! But seeing them on others does mean that they eventually find their place in our wardrobe.

Here’s what’s on my radar!

Your call which ones become your favourites…

  1. They’re everywhere! On both clothes and accessories. Personally, my next handbag will definitely have leather fringes.
  2. A high waist. Yep. Skirts, jeans and dress pants have all gone high rise. It’s perfect for giving you curves if your butt is flat or your hips are narrow. Guaranteed sexiness! They’re also perfect to wear with that now-celebrated item, the crop top. That way, you’re not giving anyone a peek at your stomach — a fashion trend that’s strictly for teens…
  3. Surprise! Even if it’s winter, they’re going to be everywhere. They go really well with light-haired girls like me and definitely will brighten up a grey November. Why not take a chance and go for a pastel coat? Who knows? Maybe you’ll notice your mood changing.
  4. The 70s. Check out H&M or Forever 21. It’s all 70s! The styles, the prints, the leg, the colours … It’s wall to wall peace and love. Topping this trend: flare jeans. Try out this leg the first time with a shirt and belted jacket. Put on those pointy pumps. See the effect — oh so classic.
  5. Cropped pants. Wide and down to mid-calf. They don’t seem terribly flattering to me. To be honest, this I’m not ready for. Let’s talk again in the spring…
  6. The love of my teen years is making a big comeback. Though today’s version isn’t as snug as back then. But you should know that they accent your bust and broaden your shoulders. If that works for you, try one with another fashion trend, a long sleeveless jacket.
  7. The stores have something for everyone. Personally, I like mine in leather, stylishly simple. Simons has some very nice ones. And they’re very practical for carrying all that (excess) stuff while giving our shoulders a break…
  8. Mid-calf booties. Because mid-calf is the new length. Are your calves a tad wide? Then stay away from these booties, because they’ll only emphasize the width and make you uncomfortable.
  9. Scarf ties. They’re thin, long, and soon every fashionista will be sporting one. So bye, bye infinity scarf — you’re pretty much OUT.
  10. Reds and yellows. Fire engine red — pure red, the real thing — is in everyone’s colour palette! What’s more, it appears that red attracts looks from the guys … if that’s of any interest. As for yellow, it’s usually hard to wear it close to the face. Especially if you get a bit pale in winter. If you’re a redhead, go for it! But if not, just jazz up your outfits with yellow accessories. Shoes, bracelets, belts, handbags… It’s so smart with greys or blues!

So tell me, which fall trend are you going to fall for?


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