Teacher Style

It’s not that complicated — back to school is all about students.

But in my circles, I have a good number of teachers who are just as preoccupied with the start of classes…

My teacher friends, you for whom September brings its share of new faces, new doubts and new challenges, here’s how to choose your new clothes right:

  1. When picking your outfits, think layering first. A cardigan and a sleeveless top are more practical for profs — who can wrap themselves up in explanations of Pythagoras’s theorem — than a big wool pullover. Even if that warm sweater is IN, save it for the weekend and go for the two-piece. You can easily slip the top layer on or off as you wish…
  1. Choose natural materials. Cotton. Silk. Wool. Natural materials breathe, dry fast and handle perspiration well… Polyester that gives off sweat from the get-go? No thank you. There’s nothing that can bother you as much as worrying about your body odour the whole day. To shop right, read the labels. Go for less than 30% polyester, viscose, nylon or rayon.
  1. Find those perfect riding boots! Defined as (according to me): leather boots with a shaft wide enough to fit a pant leg and an inch and a half or so of heel. The ones we’ve seen lately in the shops are decorated with buckles and metal details, a reminder of their equestrian past.   They let teachers feel both comfortable and elegant, thanks to their flat heels and simple leather. Another of their many pluses is that they add some fullness to the lower body. So they’re perfect to balance off a broad-hipped figure.
  1. Get yourself indigo straight-legged jeans. STRAIGHT, not skinny and not boot cut. How can you tell whether your jeans are really straight? Lay them flat on the table. Fold the ankle back over the knee. If the width of the hem is equal to the knee, you’ve got a real straight leg. This style goes with all figures, and indigo makes you look thinner. Love it.
  1. Go for leggings, but know how to wear them. Which means … you need a tunic. Not a sweater. Not a blouse. Tunics usually go to mid-thigh. And here’s the Legging Law: The butt crack should not be seen. Nor should the crotch. It’s not chic. It’s really not chic. If you’re the legging type, get yourself the best. The kind with leather (or imitation leather) inserts. Worn with your riding boots, they’ll make you look downright sophisticated!

So happy back-to-school, my friends!


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Marie-Claude Pichette
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