Spring/summer 2018 fashions

When spring arrives, you’ve just got to make a little shopping trip. Having done the rounds of the shops and getting the latest on this season’s fashions, we can say with certainty that romanticism, neutrals and comfort will be big. While classics like the jumpsuit are back, we’ve also found some charming newbies like round bags.

So, ladies, without any further ado, here are 10 spring/summer fashions to try.


1.  White sneakers

For guaranteed maximum comfort, plus a stylish look, it’s white sneakers that you need shoe-wise. With popular brands like Adidas, New Balance and Converse, Browns is the place where the shoe will definitely fit, as it were.


2.  Trench coats

A trench coat is a must-have item for a smooth transition between seasons. Super versatile, you can wear it with just about anything — high rise jeans, soft pants or a pleated skirt. You’re sure to find something at Marshalls or Simons.


3.  The 1980s

Yes indeed, 1980s styles are making a big comeback on the clothes racks! But what are they about? Bigger shoulders, fringes and flashy colours. With puffed sleeves or symmetric stripes, you’ll find this retro look at many Les Promenades Gatineau stores, including H&M and Forever 21.


4.  White T-shirts

A white T-shirt is the perfect all-purpose item — it goes with everything. This season, it will be a sure-fire favourite for you, both with a simple pair of jeans and with dress pants. To add some T-shirts to your wardrobe, go to Garage. You’ll find a huge choice!


5.  Soft pants

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: wide legged pants are sexy! Whether you match them with white sneakers or pumps, they’ll add lots of style to your everyday look. Whatever the occasion or the style you’re looking for, Simons has the perfect soft pants for the season.


6.  Round bags

A nice round bag is the item you can’t do without this summer. This versatile little beauty will go perfectly with either casual or evening wear. To get yourself this very Instagram-ready accessory, make a trip to Forever 21 or Aldo.


7.  Straw hats

In the hats category, straw hats stand atop the podium this year.  It’s a romantic fashion you can find in many Les Promenades Gatineau shops, including Bikini Village and H&M.


8.  Jumpsuits

While the 1980s are very present this season, so is the return of classics like the jumpsuit.  For day to day wear, it goes well with pumps. For a more casual look, try one with sneakers. Dynamite has lots of surprises ready for you.


9.  Violet, in all shades

Pantone has named ultraviolet its colour of the year, and shades of violet are gaining ground in the women’s shops. You’ll find lots of clothes in violet tones, including at Simons and Tristan. Whether you wear them up front or more subtly, you should add them to your wardrobe this season, especially a touch of lavender.


10.  Polka dots

This season, we’re going to see dotted patterns on many items, including pants, dresses and sweaters. Not quite sure how to wear them? Here’s some Fashion 101: They always go just right with solids.


Fashionistas, you’re now all set to wow the crowd this spring/summer. You’ve just got to dig through the women’s racks for some new finds. Happy shopping!

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