Running : our favorite routes in Outaouais

Whether your goal is to beat Usain Bolt in the 200 meters or to complete the 5k without hurting yourself, we can all agree on this: running is one nice discipline. What’s more, in the Outaouais, we’ve got the advantage of being close to Gatineau Park and bike paths, giving us lots of places to train. To get you into those runners, here are some routes right in our lovely region.


Parliament hill and Laurier Avenue
Our favourite in the National Capital Region is a 5 km circuit right in the heart of it. Starting from the Canadian Museum of History, dash across the Alexandra Bridge, cross Major’s Hill Park, run along Wellington to take in the Parliament Buildings and head back to the Quebec side taking the Portage Bridge.

When you’re in the middle of downtown, it’s always a good idea to be very visible to drivers. For safety’s sake, chose clothes with bright or reflective touches for this route. There are lots of options available at Atmosphere.

Parc de la Baie

For a more relaxing run along the Ottawa River with very little traffic, we recommend Parc de La Baie. A 5 km street route right in the middle of Gatineau? We’re down with that.

This route is mostly sunlit, so sunglasses and a polyester cap are in order. Simons now has Ciele caps for you fashionistas!

Leamy Lake Park
Finally, for road running, one of our favourite paths is the one around Leamy Lake. This asphalt recreational circuit covers 10 km of pretty even terrain. That’s easy to take.

Since the wind sometimes starts to act up in the Outaouais, especially when fall arrives, have a waterproof-breathable jacket handy. Super light and stretchable, this is one item that will protect you from the biting winds while letting heat escape. You’re sure to find something at Hudson’s Bay.


Wolf Trail
If you’re more into uneven, wooded terrain, the Wolf Trail is the place to go. This nearly 8 km loop on the way to Mahigan Lookout is a fairly difficult run, but very satisfying.

Ladies and gentlemen, get out your bottle holder waist pack or Camelbak, which you’ll find at Sports Experts. You’re going to really need it.

So there! You’ve just got to get those runners on and you’re set. See you on some road or trail nearby!





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Running : our favorite routes in Outaouais | Les Promenades Gatineau  ONLINE CHAT