Prom outfits: How do you choose?

Choosing your prom outfit isn’t an easy thing. While guys must pick from several cuts, colours or patterns, girls have lots of questions to ask: Short dress or long? Bare shoulders or straps? Silver accessories or monochrome? Updo, chignon or curls?

Whatever — no need to panic! Here are some dead simple tips and tricks to choose the perfect prom outfit.



Since getting carried away is easy when it’s time to wow them and dress to the nines, it makes sense to first decide on your budget. Even before you head out to Les Promenades Gatineau, take the time to figure out how much you’re prepared to spend on your whole outfit (dress/suit, shoes, accessories). You might even want to include make-up and hairdo in your budget. You decide!

If you’ve got a small budget, why not go for a dress you can easily wear to future events? The classic little black dress, for example, is perfect for weddings, receptions or funerals, and goes well with lots of accessories and footwear.


Once you’ve established your budget, you should choose a dress that will mould itself to your figure. Whether your shoulders are broader than your waistline, your hips are quite prominent or you’ve got more of an athletic build, there are plenty of outfits that will flatter your shape. To find the right dress for your figure, check out Laura — THE place for prom dresses.


Every dress needs some favourite accessories. To add a touch of glamour to your prom look, choose jewellery, a handbag and pumps that will fit like a charm with your outfit.

For example, if you’ve got an hourglass figure, you might want to make a trip to Le Château to complete your outfit with a slimming sash belt. While the long necklace/V-neck combo is still a must, nothing beats long (or hoop) earrings and a strapless or thin strap dress.

When it comes to shoes, the sky’s the limit. Open toe, wedge, platform or pumps — lots of styles will fit with your outfit. For comfort and style, choose a patterned block heel shoe, which you can find at Spring. For metallic pumps or something in bright colours, get something stylish and affordable at Aldo.

Our advice: With a simple, light dress, try some “out there” or print accessories.


Gentlemen, it’s your turn. If you want flexibility and comfort, choose a jacket and pants in a stretchable fabric. With suits in solids, pinstripes or patterns, Vincent d’Amérique has lots of models for easy mobility all evening, especially on the dance floor.

One thing’s for sure. To match with the lucky lady who’s accompanying you, try to wear a scarf, shirt, tie or bowtie that goes with the colours of your partner’s dress. Ernest has suits in every colour, with jackets, pants, shirts and ties or bowties at very reasonable prices.

Finally, to add more personality to your prom suit, wear a tie or bowtie with a bit more punch. You’re sure to find one at Hudson’s Bay.

P.S. This season’s fashion trend on the men’s side is navy blue suits. We love ’em!

So, ladies and gents, let the party begin! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up being prom king or queen!

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