Office parties: 5 off the rack looks

For lots of us, getting dressed to the nines is plenty of work. How can you grab that spotlight while remembering to keep it professional? With office parties approaching, that’s the question on everyone’s mind! To inspire you, here are five off-the-rack looks to impress the crowd this holiday season.


For day-to-day wear, a reception or just a laid-back afternoon, we’re seeing more and more jumpsuits. Versatile, feminine, and most of all, comfortable, a one-piece is definitely an article of choice for your office party. Whatever the party theme or location, you’ll find the perfect jumpsuit at Dynamite or Hudson’s Bay.


On a dress, a skirt or even a sweater, we love sequins! At H&M you’ll find the perfect sequined piece for your office party. Like falling snowflakes, sequins add a touch of magic to any holiday season outfit. To complete the look, wear your sequined item with something in a solid colour and you’re set!


A big fashion trend for this fall and winter, prints and metallic items have no problem finding a place among the top holiday season outfits. Happily for us, matching those metallic items is relatively easy: think monochrome jewellery, black pumps or solid-colour accessories. Simply put, a less conservative look to wow them this winter!


For those who want to wear something from around the house, but still add a touch of novelty and fantasy, it’s simple — patterned tights! An office party is always the perfect excuse to wear them, whether with pin dots for the more conservative among us or sharp colour contrasts for the bold. To find the right pair for you, reasonably priced, check out Simons or Ardène.


The much-vaunted midi skirt! So pretty! Here’s the perfect opportunity for those fashionistas who want to wear an outfit with more colour. Pleated, straight or velvet, in grey, black or (more and more) pastels, you’ll find the right office party-ready midi skirt at Dynamite. One thing’s for sure: don’t wear it with a plunging neckline. It’s the office — let’s keep it professional, right?

Obviously, to top off that perfect holiday look and add a touch of glamour, match everything with punchier accessories. They may be simple, but earrings and pumps can add a lot of character to your outfit!

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