My five cruise collection essentials

Lately, shopping at Les Promenades makes you want to jet south. It’s normal. Slowly but surely, the stores are getting their cruise collections in, giving us an early taste of spring.

Are you one of the lucky ones who’ve already bought their plane tickets? Here are some new arrivals to slip into your suitcase.

Maybe you’re not lucky enough to be departing for the tropics? No problem. Just know that it’s still possible (and even good for your morale) to make some of these trends part of your winter wardrobe.

1.Flowers. Floral prints are everywhere — and in bright colours to boot. You really can’t miss them. Maybe they’re not for everyone and they can age you a bit, but just take a chance! At least a small one.


souliersShop : Piedestal


2.Stripes. They’re back every year. A cruise collection classic. They add an instant nautical feel. Great to wear in the dead of winter because they help you hold on until spring.


rayuresShop: Tristan


3.Blue. Navy blue, sky blue, royal blue, grey blue. Blue works for anyone, but you need to find YOUR blue… Have some fun in the fitting room and try it out. There’s no lack of choice.


ChemiseShop : Simons


4.Cotton knits. Cotton knits are starting to replace wool knits in the stores. In general, they’re gaining ground because they’re easier to wear. They don’t itch, they breathe more than their wool or acrylic equivalents, but they wrap us up just as nicely in their comfy textures.


giletslaineShop : Simons


5.Embroidery. There’s nothing more feminine than embroidery. It’s light and carefree. Makes you want to be a teen again. Wear it now under a jacket — you can stick with it until October for sure.


robejauneShop : Forever21


While we wait for milder temperatures, wearing that cashmere cardigan with a floral top feels like seeing winter through rose-coloured glasses. I fully recommend it.



Orkestra_Promenades_Lookbook_7.30.150022 (1)


Marie-Claude Pichette
Stylist and blogger, Les Promenades Gatineau

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