Look 2017: The backpack you need for fall

It’s more than just a back to school essential. The backpack has become a trendy fashion accessory for both men and women.  Today, businesspeople, fashionistas and students add a backpack to their everyday style. It’s like combining the practical with some fashion fun! Yes girls!

To show you this season’s backpack trends, since the return to the school routine is rapidly approaching (sorry), here are some practical fashion tips to help you choose this everyday companion.

Trendy colours

Like the weather, colour trends follow the seasons. This fall, we’ll be seeing lots of khaki, prints and floral patterns.  Colours will be neutral or with a greyish tinge, and even though it gets dirty easily, white will be much in evidence.   For a more classic, traditional look, the famous black Herschel at Simons remains a must. For those who like to loosen up, go for a bright or bold pattern. They’re just too nice!


Retro is back

Hipsters will be pleased to know that retro style has undergone an upgrade and found its place among our backpack favs. Woohoo! Canary yellow, orange tangerine or soft pink — pastels are part of your 2017 colour palette, and so be it.

For a laid-back look, head to Bentley and get yourself a nice colourful Jansport. For a dose of casual glamour, Aldo is your best bet. It’s that easy!

Duffle bag

Streetwear fans, this one’s for you. Offering both style and comfort, the duffle bag will be your BFF. On top of adding plenty of swag to your dress, it can carry everything you need for the day. A little weekend out of town? An exotic trip overseas? No worries! Your duffle bag’s got you covered. You can find this little wonder at lots of shops at Les Promenades Gatineau, including S3 and WLKN.



All-purpose backpack

Looking for a backpack that can hold all of your sports stuff during the day but also be a smart evening bag come the evening?

A backpack that’s both casual and glamorous? In black leather or colourful fabric? Get thyself to Aldo, Springs or Forever 21. You’ll find a whole bunch of models that perfectly match your favourite boyfriend jeans. Can you say sexy?


A stylish lunch bag

Adios, plastic bags! With the selection of lunch bags at Bentley and Clément, there’s no reason to leave the house without your little munchies well stored. With uber popular names like Roxy, Quiksilver and Reebok, these shops aren’t missing any brands. Because the little ones — and probably some not so little ones — will still find a way to burst their yogurt container or empty their water bottle, choose a Dabbawalla bag from Planète Bébé.    They come in monkey, ladybug and even rocket styles, and are 100% washable.  Hallelujah!



So now you’re all set to go back to school. And if you’re done with school, anytime’s a good time to get yourself a new backpack, right?

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