Inspiring Outaouais Women

This International Women’s Day, we thought it was important to honour some inspiring Outaouais women. While we could have told you the stories of a dozen exceptional women from our beautiful region, we decided instead to highlight some women from our Facebook community.

Ladies, you deserve much more than a mere mention in a blog post, but know that we appreciate your generosity and that you inspire us so much. 



Michelle Cormier is kind of the model woman! She’s the one who gets involved in every project that matters to her. It’s not for nothing that she was honoured by Quebec’s lieutenant governor in 2006.

Every day, Michelle looks to create strategies and implement projects to boost student success and children’s motivation. To do this, she develops, illustrates and markets colouring books she gives to children she crosses paths with. Her goal: to encourage children to concentrate, but especially, to relax. 

In additional to being involved with children in the Outaouais, Michelle serves as a proud ambassador for the Red Dress Gala. Having seen the effects of heart disease up close when she was younger and being very aware of how serious and widespread it is, Michelle puts a lot into the cause in order to promote messages of hope, resilience and well-being, while spreading her joie de vivre.

A great source of inspiration!  


Sandra Chartier is the mom we’d all like to be. Mother to a son with autism, Sandra fought so that he could receive the services he needed for his condition. Given the lack of resources and support for her son when he started school, Sandra decided to drop everything and move to the Outaouais, where she could finally have access to more help and resources.

Facing these challenges, Sandra also experienced depression and anxiety, two mental health conditions that she became a proud activist around. She has been open since then about mental health and tries in particular to raise peoples’ awareness and break the taboos surrounding it. Her story has been told on TV on Canal Vie, as well as in many blog posts dealing with the topic.  

A big heap of love to you, Sandra.  


Take dedication, add childhood development and environmental awareness, and you get Adriana.  In 2019, this Outaouais women had the brilliant idea to launch the Évènements Troc de Jouets Gatineau, a series of get togethers where children could bring toys they didn’t need any more and give them to other children who could enjoy them. 

Open to parents, educators, teachers and children, the Trocs de Jouets Gatineau are based on the principle of swapping, exchanging one item for another. It’s a great way to encourage reuse and to make our little ones aware of the negative effects of overconsumption. 


Chantale is that cool teacher from the movies we all wanted in elementary school. Passionate about her work, her teaching approach is first and foremost to get her students hooked and motivated in class. Using a 3D printer and a laser engraver with them are just some examples that show her dedication as a teacher. 

After all, it’s by stimulating students intellectually and carrying out projects that are off the beaten path that you get them to care about doing well in school. 

Obviously, this list is far from complete and lots of other women from here and elsewhere deserve to be honoured.  To all of you, continue inspiring us and trying to change things, a little dose of love at a time! 













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