Holiday Dresses: Our favorite pics

Here we go again — me wanting a new dress for Christmas. Happens every year. I can’t help it…

Sound familiar?

Here are the dress types I came up with virtual window shopping.

1. Velvet

Everything about this dress is right — the neck, the colour and the price… Try it with a black lace bodysuit underneath.

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_04-2Dynamite, $49.99


Love it — the fit, the flowing material, the way it hangs.  The ideal colour for golden blondes. v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_10Simons, $199.99

3. Yellow

For those with head of auburn or red hair. And for warming up your winter a bit!

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_07Simons, $199.99

4. Long sleeved

Since it’s made of mesh, this dress is relaxed and comfortable. There’s nothing like it for a house party!

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_03Dynamite, $59.95

5. Combination

Yep, they’re shorts. But the lace makes them just as stylish as a dress. You don’t even need to have perfect summer legs, because you wear it with pantyhose, which should be sheer or fishnet. (It’s too chic for opaque.)

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_01Dynamite, $59.95

6. For the office too

The thicker material and simple details make this a very versatile purchase.

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_02-2Tristan, $145

7. Perfect for that pear shape

Got broad hips? The stretchy lace highlights your shoulders and arms, giving you a nice, balanced figure.

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_08Tristan, $160

8. Sequined

What’s more party than sequins? Essential this time of year…  BCBGMAXAZRIA, $439

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_06-2BCBGMAXAZRIA, $439

9. White and fun

An adorable little dress, white as snow. For a slimmer figure or narrower hips. Goes with fur for a fancy affair… BCBGMAXAZRIA, $439

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_05BCBGMAXAZRIA, $439

10. Priceless

Ahhh! This one is so up my alley! Spring for it — it’s a real gift to yourself.  The lace is so unique that you’d think it was a work of art… BCBGMAXAZRIA, $478

v2_lpg-blogue_16-12-06_09BCBGMAXAZRIA, $478


Orkestra_Promenades_Lookbook_7.30.150022 (1)


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