Halloween 2020: 5 DIY Costumes

While we expect Halloween to not be same as usual in 2020, it’s still one of the days some little devils look forward to the most all year. While the always popular trick or treating may seem a bit different this time, it’s still good for wearing a costume and amusing (or scaring) your friends.

Whether for school, the office, telework or hanging around the neighbourhood, here are five DIY costume ideas easy to mask up with.


Stick ’em up! Whether online or in person, everyone will know what this homemade costume is about. Fortunately, you only need a few things to pull it off. Pants, a tuque, gloves, black shoes and a black and white striped top, and you’re set. To go even more incognito, just wear a black mask or face covering.


For little ones, old people are a big favourite. How can you not find a child dressed up to look like granny or grandpa adorable? Some old glass frames, a pearl necklace, red cheeks, knee socks and a colourful wool sweater … that’s all it takes to age 80 years. To copy grandma’s curls, you just have to take a bath cap and glue on a hundred or so marshmallows or cotton balls.

So cute you could eat ’em up!


If you’re into nostalgia, nothing’s easier than recreating this 70s look with old clothes and accessories from your closet. Here’s what you need: a colourfully-patterned or tie-dye top, oversized earrings, colourful sunglasses and a flowered headband.

This mask we found at Simons is perfect for a hippie-style #ItsGoingToBeOkay touch.


For many, Halloween is, after all, the perfect time to have fun! A sweater, pants, shoes, a white scarf and a roll of toilet paper — that’s all you need to turn yourself into one of the living dead. For more impact, feel free to paint your face and hands white.


For those both big and small, a military-style costume is a last-minute idea worth considering. To make this look work, you just have to match camo cargo pants with a black or khaki top and add black booties as the final piece. For those who want to sport this style from head to toe, a mask from Old Navy with a similar pattern will add the crowning touch, corporal.

Still not feeling inspired? There are dozens of masks at Clément with fun patterns you can turn into real Halloween accessories.

Whether you’re big or small, enjoy yourself but stay safe!

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