Getting back in shape

Finally, we’re starting to see a bit of sun!  Even though I like having fun in the snow, let’s just say that my favourite winter activity by far has been chilling out with Netflix.  But with the days getting longer, hope of wearing our lovely spring dresses and colourful shorts is back! To prepare (and not regret those treats you ate in front of the TV), it’s time to get back in shape. Do you know what my biggest motivation is? Wearing that fashion-sharp activewear that makes me feel so good and confident!


At this time of year, outdoor running means adapting to the temperature.  Even if you feel frozen the moment you stick your nose outside, your body temperature actually rises quickly. The ideal is to dress “onion-style,” that is, with lots of layers that you can remove as you work out. But avoid cotton, which retains moisture and leaves you wet!

You have to be sure to cover your extremities. You lose nearly 40% of your body heat through your head.  Wear a tuque! As well, nearly 30% of your body heat escapes through your hands and feet.  Wear run gloves and wool socks that absorb moisture!


Your feet have to stay warm and dry. What’s best for outdoor running when it’s cold is running shoes with as little mesh as possible. If Mother Nature has frozen your jogging path, you can add crampons to your shoes. Traction guaranteed!


To avoid being blinded by sunlight reflecting off the snow, wear sunglasses! I recommend a lightweight, openwork frame.


Even if it’s cold you still have to think about staying hydrated. To make sure you drink water throughout your run, wear a bottle-holder waist pack, and you’re golden!


To avoid chapping, remember to wear lip balm. Also, hydrate your skin with a rich lotion!
Voilà! You just have to put on your shoes and your favourite playlist. Now, where do you like to run in Gatineau?


To find activewear that’s both technical and trendy, visit Atmosphère, S3 and Sports Experts.
Don’t want to run outdoors? Try Éconofitness!


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