Fall/winter 2019 styles: Search. Find. ShopNOW

To help you enjoy faster, easier shopping, our website now has a new search tool that lets you discover what’s in the shops before you even visit. The tool, Search. Find. ShopNOW, is both useful and fun. With fall here and winter soon at our door, we’ve used this new tool to find the fashions getting the most love this season. Happy shopping!

We’re very pleased to note that animal prints are back this season, taking over the store shelves. But how do you wear them? Easy — with solids. Where can you buy them? In lots of Les Promenades Gatineau shops, including H&M and Urban Planet. And with Search. Find. ShopNOW, it’s even easier. You’ll find lots of stuff in animal prints in one search.

Let’s put black aside and try sandy, grey, beige, taupe and burnt orange. Earth tones are much to be seen this year and they’re making a big splash. If you think they’re more for spring, think again! Match it all with a scarf or a long coat and it’s a slam dunk! Tone on tone — we love it!

So how do you find this stuff? Just search under “Women’s Fashion.”

Combat boots will be in all the shops this fall. Yessiree, you’ll see this trend everywhere, including at the very popular Aldo and Urban Planet. Guaranteed to be comfortable, stylish and bold, they wear like a charm with a wide-leg pant, or a skirt and tights. Search. Find. ShopNOW, thanks for this.

Women or men, no one’s going to want to get out of their long coat this year. In felted wool, synthetic down or polyester, it’s the perfect complement to any fall or winter look, inspired and stylish. When the temperature drops below zero, match your coat with a wool scarf and lined waterproof boots and you’ll be all set to take on Mother Nature.

Last but not least in this year’s fashions is plaid. No question — this is the year to try it. To do so, ladies and gentlemen, here are two options. Either you wear it discretely, for example, with a pant, scarf or jacket, or you go all in, head to toe. Whichever way, plaid is a fashion must for your wardrobe this season. You’ll find it in plenty of shops, including H&M, Dynamite and RW&Co.
With this new search tool, we’re good and ready to resist — and make the most of — the chillier seasonal weather! So long live fall and bring on winter! Ready, set, go!

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