Back to School made easy: The essentials

While it may be a bit different this year, the start of school is still a time our little ones look forward to. New school supplies, new things to learn, a different teacher … but most of all, having their friends back in class.

For a safe, easy start to the school year, we’ve found some essentials you shouldn’t forget this year.

After several months of not seeing friends, physical distancing may be hard, so wouldn’t it be smart to slip a mask in your kid’s bag?  Fortunately, Clément has an inventory of several models that are both practical and sure to please the kids. There’s a mask for everyone!

True to form, the very popular Herschel, JanSport and Basiks bags are back in the shops this year, ready to carry our schoolkids’ homework (yes, it’s happening). Patterns, solids or neutral colours — you’ll find the perfect back-to-school bag at WLKN or Bentley.


Since a little bottle of hand sanitizer can be useful and it slips perfectly into a desk, a bag or a locker, why not add one to your list of school supplies for 2020? Small format bottles are available at Planète Bébé.

For making lunch easy, but especially for food cleanliness, there’s nothing like a Yumbox. Just right for small snacks, school lunches or even the office, they’re perfect for carrying sandwiches, hummus, yogurt, veggies or fruit. Thank you, Planète Bébé.

When it comes to clothes, the classic jeans and white T-shirt combo is back this year. While not hard to pull off, here are the items you need for this 90s look

Happily for us indeed, the mighty crewneck top is back in lots of stores this season. Comfortable, warm and versatile, it wears like a charm with denim, light or dark. Head to H&M to find the perfect one at a very affordable price.

Showing a bit of ankle, cropped pants just have to be part of your wardrobe, ladies. They go with sneakers, pumps or sandals, and we love their loose, relaxed style. You’re sure to find something at Dynamite.


Always in fashion, tuques are perfect for those cool fall days or just to add a dash of fun to your clothing style. They’re available in lots of colours at Simons — we dare you to try something bold. Go for it!

Last but not least, to complete your 90s look, you still need some Vans. Yes, the ones that everyone is wearing, teens or adults. Fortunately, you can also find them everywhere at Les Promenades Gatineau, including at Foot Locker, Simons and SoftMoc.


While it may be different, we wish you a safe, easy start to the school year! #ItsGoingToBeOkay

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