5 Ways to Boost Well-Being and Productivity in 2021

Working at home comes with its share of distractions. To fix this, let’s start 2021 with some resolutions that take our new reality into account. Because to be perfectly honest, it’s better to embrace change than to avoid it.

Here are five easy peasy ways to stay productive, keep your focus and reduce your amount of stress-inducing situations in 2021.

Monthly calendar
While a daily or weekly calendar may be useful, it seems like a monthly calendar promotes well-being and productivity. And yes, it does help reduce stress, especially during those months when your to-do list seems endless. Whether you hang it on your wall or put it on your desktop, you’ll find the right monthly calendar for you, whatever the format, at Archambault.

Ginkgo herbal tea
Did you know that the leaves of the ginkgo tree, which originated in China, can stimulate memory and promote concentration? Yes indeed, many studies have shown that consuming ginkgo leaves, available in herbal tea form from David’s Tea, helps reduce hyperactivity and distraction.

It’s a natural way to stay focused and productive at work!

Daily visualization practice
The popular, well-known Dr. Daniel Amen offers you 25 minutes of daily mental stimulation for more clarity and calm. His CD Relaxation, concentration et entraînement de la mémoire, available in French in store at Renaud-Bray (or in English on the Renaud-Bray website), offers a really simple way to improve your attention and emotional well-being. Starting off your day with a short visualization and stress reduction session? What could be better!

A journal is any good manager’s assistant. It’s an efficient way to stay up to date, not forget anything, itemize your goals, and especially, highlight every task you’ve completed at the end of the day. After all, nothing’s as satisfying as seeing your to-do list shrink.

Slate board
The perfect accessory for your entrance, kitchen or office to keep you and your family well organized. Its three blackboards display important messages and notes while the hooks accommodate your daily essentials. Thanks, Simons, for this find that’s both practical and super fashionable.

Message boxes (French only)
We all need a little motivation boost from time to time. These boxes of joy will help you learn to let go, feel self-confident and motivate yourself through quotes, tips and words of encouragement. Each box contains 365 messages that will get you back on track, as they say, when necessary.

Read once a day for a year. Available at Kozy.

At work, at home or somewhere in between, you’re all set now to take on 2021. After all, when it comes to well-being, it’s really up to us.

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5 Ways to Boost Well-Being and Productivity in 2021 | Les Promenades Gatineau  ONLINE CHAT