5 products for post-winter skin moisturizing

Winter: It’s a hard season to handle for your skin, which is cracked by the cold and dehydrated by the wind.  Dryness, redness and blemishes can come with the territory. So let’s be honest — your skin really deserves a good dose of love and moisturizing.  

Ladies and gentlemen (yes, gentlemen, because skin moisture is just as big a deal for men), here are five products to make your skin a bit more radiant that don’t cost much.



Girls, let’s talk! Too often we end up not taking our makeup off (on purpose) before going to bed. Yet if there’s one step not to neglect for moist, healthy skin, it’s this one.

But don’t panic! If your bedtime ritual is short and sweet, here’s a 2-in-1 product that will remove your makeup while cleansing and moisturizing your skin, in one step. This hydrating micellar water for face and eyes from Yves Rocher is a real treat!


For getting rid of impurities, sweeping away oil and purifying your pores, nothing beats this Mineralize Reset & Revive charcoal mask. It cuts down on blackheads, reduces the appearance of pores and clarifies the skin. What more could you ask for?

While often expensive, we found this product at a very reasonable price at M.A.C. So nice!


After cleansing and a mask, it’s time to moisturize your skin like you should. Clinique products are clinically proven (OK, so it’s not our best play on words) to be among the best skin lotions. In addition to moisturizing the skin all day and reinforcing its moisture barrier, this favourite cream from Hudson’s Bay leaves skin softer, healthier and shinier.

A must for any morning routine.


While our face may be the most exposed to the winter cold and wind, it’s not the only part of our bodies we need to moisturize. With a cocoshea base, this oil from Bath & Body Works takes the prize in the “best body moisturiser” category. Light and richly nourishing, it’s quickly absorbed to make your skin feel moisturized and soft as silk.

Our favourite fragrance: honey! We’re hooked!


N.25 Intensive Restructuring Mask by Mashup Haircare is Eleganza’s hit product. That mane of yours has also had it rough these last few months, and this is THE product par excellence for damaged, treated, brittle or broken hair. In addition to nourishing and deeply restructuring hair, it protects it from UV rays, makes it super soft and reduces split ends.

Anyone who’s tried it will tell you that this mask works like magic. No joke!

Finally, with spring coming, don’t forget to carry around some lip balm and BB cream. Freckles and a tan may look good, but being healthy is still what counts!

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5 products for post-winter skin moisturizing | Les Promenades Gatineau  ONLINE CHAT