20 ways to go crazy this spring at Les Promenades Gatineau

Spring means a little madness. And yes, you can go crazy at Les Promenades Gatineau! To get you to let go and loosen up a bit, here are 20 fun things to add to your agenda.


1. Chop chop: Go with the bangs wave

Our hairstyle favourite this season: it’s both feminine and casual, and brings out your face’s features. The result: a nice and simple way to let your hair fall over your forehead and highlight its volume and movement.
Price: From $25


2. Order extra whipped cream for that coffee

The mild weather is a great excuse to make a little trip to the Second Cup. Our suggestion: the Iced Caramel Corretto. Yee-haw!
Second Cup
Price: Varies


3. Do your nails in daring pastels

Soft and fresh, pastels are a perfect alternative choice somewhere in between neon and the range of whites. They’re both stylish and discrete, and if you’re a real fashionista, they’re for you.
Ongles Modernes
Price: $16.00


4. Stock up on candies at Popino

Gummy Bears, Berries, Sour Patch, liquorice, Coca Cola-flavoured, Hot Lips, chocolate-covered almonds, colossal gumballs … you name it! No question — you just have to check this out!
Popino Candies
Price: This is candy. Who’s counting?


5. Add a swimsuit to your collection

No, ladies, you can never have too many swimsuits. If you’re travelling abroad — or even if you aren’t — you can always add a high neck swimsuit, a one-piece or a bralette top to your wardrobe.
Bikini Village
Price: $92


6. Discover a new tea

Whether you like green, matcha, rooibos or herbal tea, go off the beaten path and try something new. Our favourite flavour? Sunny Citrus, a mix of hibiscus, orange and sweet flower sprinkles. Yummy!
David’s Tea
Price: $7.98 (50g)


7. Spoil yourself with a new pair of pumps

Attention shoe addicts: 2017 means a touch of the south and warm colours. This is the ideal opportunity to match your floral dress or boyfriend jeans with a new pair of high heels.
Price: $85 (Alaska model)


8. Scarf down a double scoop

Got a little afternoon craving! No problem! A Cookie Dough, Supreme Mint or Strawberry Kiwi Sorbetine cone will get that fixed!
La Crémière
Price: As if you care


9. Expand your musical repertoire

Re-imagine your musical tastes this season. Pick up something you didn’t know, choose an adventure, hit the road, put the music on and sing at the top of your lungs. Fond memories guaranteed.
Price: $9.99 to $19.99


10. Discover paddle board at Atmosphere

If you haven’t tried paddle boarding yet, add it to your to-do list. West Quebec is full of waterways you can travel. At home or at the cottage, this sport for everyone will become the pastime for you.
Price: $459 to $979.99


11.  Add a little bohemian flavour to your everyday

A floppy hat is a must accessory for spring. Very feminine, it will add some bohemian elegance to your outfits. Fashion tip: for an ultra sexy look, wear it with an off-the-shoulder blouse.
Forever 21
Price: $30.90


12. Give a part of your abode a decoration upgrade

The new Kozy Cadeaux-Déco store has all sorts of little finds to give your love nest an upgrade. Plants, wood frames, colourful vases and text pattern cushions … lots of little treasures!
Kozy Cadeaux-Déco
Price: Varies


13. Book yourself a last-minute trip

Because when it gets hot and sunny, the all-inclusive packages for travel south are very affordable. 2. Because you definitely deserve a nice seven-day getaway with friends or with your love. So there!
Club Voyages Guertin
Price: Priceless


 14. Find a floral dress — or two or three

Oh yes, the famous floral dress — a spring 2017 essential. For work, evenings or weekends, you must have one in your wardrobe.
Forever 21
Price: $22.90 to $33.90


15. Feast on teepee-shaped pogos

Feel like a child again over dinner with La Belle et la Bœuf’s delicious pogos as a starter.   Mouth-watering heaven. The best starter you’ve ever tasted, for sure.
La Belle et la Bœuf
Price: $5.95


16. Get yourself a pair of glasses that get the looks

Whether it’s for shortsightedness or just looking cute, glasses always add a bit of colour to your personality. Fashion tip for 2017: for a retro-chic look, go for something vintage!
New Look
Price: Varies


17. Go for the “athleisure” look

We’ve all got a pair of leggings and a cap sitting somewhere in the bottom of the drawer. Wear them with sport shoes and give this look at try. Oh so trendy. Oh so comfy.
Price: $89.99 (Flex Appeal 2.0)


18. Feel sexy in a new nightie

Sometimes it’s important to feel feminine and sexy. Indulge, ladies! Be bold! P.S. Your significant other is not likely to object!
La Vie en Rose
Price: $59.95


19. Fall in love with an accessory from GUESS.

Whether you’re looking for a nude bag, retro sunglasses or elegant jewellery, you’ll find it at GUESS. No need to go overstate things here but their collection of chokers is by far the best.


20. Go ride a lion

After all, not only children have the right to fool around. Ten minutes on a lion’s back is five bucks well spent. Laughter assured!
 ZaZaZoo Price: $5 (10 minutes)


Alright! Now it’s up to you. How many fun things can you pull off?

P.S. Your supporting evidence is always welcome!

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